breezair evaporative coolers


How do evaporative coolers work? 

Evaporative coolers lower indoor temperatures by combining the natural cooling properties of evaporating water with an efficient air-moving system. This combination of moisture and a steady breeze can lower indoor temperatures by as much as 30°F. Airflow is controlled by opening windows to allow the unit to push warm air outside. Evaporative coolers also add moisture, which helps keep fabrics and wood from drying out, and the water-filled pads act as a type of filter, removing dust and allergens from the air. 

Why does evaporation lower temperature? 

The process of evaporation happens all the time. Our bodies, for example, perspire in hot weather. Through evaporation, sweat dries and causes our body temperature to drop. Whenever dry air passes over water, some of the water will be absorbed by the air. That is why evaporative cooling naturally occurs near waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and oceans. The hotter and drier the air, the more water that can be absorbed. This happens because the temperature and the vapor pressure of the water and the air attempt to equalize.

Liquid water molecules become gas in the dry air, a process that uses energy to change its physical state. Heat moves from the higher temperature of the air to the lower temperature of the water, resulting in cooler air. Eventually, the air becomes saturated, unable to hold any more water, and evaporation ceases. This problem is easily overcome in the home by simply opening windows.

Are evaporative coolers more suitable for specific climates?

Evaporative coolers are most effective in areas of low humidity and hot temperatures. They are not as effective in humid climates or during rainy seasons. 

What advantages does evaporative cooling have compared to a refrigerated cooling system?

Evaporative coolers can be used as the sole cooling system, or to complement existing air conditioning systems. However, they should never be used at the same time, as one adds humidity while the other removes it. Evaporative coolers offer several benefits over air conditioning, including:

• Low installation and maintenance costs
• 75% less electricity usage
• Powered by a standard 120-volt outlet
• No ozone-damaging refrigerants
• Fresh airflow pushes out warm air, smoke, and pollution
• Breeze makes effective room temperature feel 4 to 6 degrees cooler

Evaporative coolers are most effective in areas of low humidity and hot temperatures. They are not effective in humid climates or during rainy seasons. Evaporative cooling will provide substantial energy savings over refrigerated air units. The simplicity of the design results in low maintenance requirements.
An evaporative cooler will also provide fresh, filtered air. The outside air that has been cooled will blow the stale, inside air out. With the substantial savings of energy and the constant changes in the air, a swamp cooler when tied into a home’s ductwork is ideally suited for cooling an entire home or building. 

Do you provide a licensed electrician to wire the electrical to the cooler? 

Yes; a licensed electrician should be in charge of wiring the electrical as HVAC technicians are not licensed to do so. 

Do you provide a roofer to install or inspect the curb and roof work? 

Yes; Proper installation and inspection of the work performed is essential otherwise there is a greater risk of drywall damage. 

Are you insured and can you provide me with a copy of your insurance? 

Yes; many companies try to save costs by not being properly insured, however, we realize that this is a big purchase for your family and your home. We are properly insured to install HVAC equipment, including evaporative coolers. 

Do you custom build your curb to my roof in your sheet metal shop? 

Yes; we custom build our curbs to the proper specifications of your roof. Our curbs are one piece to ensure no leaking occurs which could potentially damage your roof and drywall. Other companies may use flashing and caulking to build their curbs which may lead to potential leaks.

Do you give me the Xcel rebate up front, or is there a guarantee that I will get the rebate? 

Yes; Rebates are immediately deducted from the price that is owed to the company, this is done in writing. There is a high percentage of other companies’ customers that were denied their rebates due to many factors. Please rest assured that all Rebates are handled in our office immediately.

Are all of the people that you are sending into my home employees that are insured through your company? 

Yes; Many HVAC companies use sub-contractors in order to save on their costs, however many of those sub-contractors do not carry insurance. Rest assured that all of our employees are insured and covered under our insurance to keep the safety of you, your home, and our employees a priority. 

Do you install enough registers in my home so that the cooler will not be too loud? 

Yes; In order to qualify for the Xcel Energy Rebate program you will need to have a total of 4 registers; this will distribute airflow to thoroughly cool your home. Not only will you be able to enjoy the cool air but the disbursed air flow will not be as noisy as airflow through one vent. 

Do you provide flush mount registers approved for airflow that my cooler will deliver? 

Yes; proper ventilation is key for you to enjoy your new cooler, you should not restrict airflow nor have too many registers that defeat the purpose of cooling the air in your home.