When you turn on the air conditioner or forced–air heater (furnace, heat pump) in your home, does it bother you that you have to send conditioned air to every room? If you live in a large house, or if you have rooms that are frequently vacant, it can mean a large waste of energy having to send heating and cooling to every vent.

You don’t need to keep doing it this way, however. You can create “zoning” inside your house so that each room has its own separate comfort controls to manipulate temperature levels. And this zoning doesn’t involve ripping out your ducts and replacing the HVAC system with an entirely new type of heater or AC. Installation of a zone control system is something that our technicians at the Cooler Company can handle for your house. You can make it part of setting up a new HVAC system or as a retrofit. Call us in metro Denver today and learn more about our zone control services.

How Does Zone Heating and Cooling Operate? 

The workings of a zone control system are not complicated (although the installation process is, and you must leave this work to professionals). It consists of a set of dampers placed into the ductwork of the ventilation system hooked up to the heater and air conditioner. These dampers can prevent airflow to specific registers and change the airflow within the ventilation system so that it only goes to rooms that require heating/cooling. 

Each damper has a dedicated thermostat placed in the room it affects. Anyone in the room can manipulate the damper with the thermostat. In turn, all of the thermostats are connected through a central control panel so that the homeowner can set the comfort controls for the entire building.

Benefits of Zone Air Conditioning and Heating 

There are some obvious and not–so–obvious advantages to installing zone control for your house. 

  • Energy savings: You no longer need to waste heating or cooling on rooms that don’t require it. This will mean some extra–large savings on your annual energy bills.
  • Personalized control: Imagine no longer dealing with arguments between people in your household about where to set the thermostat. Each person can now control the temperature wherever they are through the local thermostats.
  • Tailor-made room comfort: Not every room needs to have an identical temperature level. A kitchen may need extra cooling, while an infant’s room should be warmer. Zone control allows you to set the temperature for each room to match its needs.

Schedule Zone Control Services with Us Today 

You can have zone control installation done in two ways. The first is to arrange to have it done as part of a larger installation, such as the first HVAC system for a new house or when replacing an old AC and heater. It’s a straightforward job for technicians to add zone control during one of these jobs. The second is to have technicians retrofit an existing system for zone control. This takes a bit more work, but the results are worth it.

To find out all you need to know about zone control and the services that the Cooler Company offers for it, give us a call. We have been serving Colorado and the metro Denver area since 1995. 

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